Cooper Square
Chapel Hill, NC



Technically, Cooper Square Condominium Owner's Association is a legal entity where the owners enjoy the protection, enhancement, maintenance and preservation of the homes and property.  Along with other community associations throughout North Carolina, there are three defining characteristics of the Association, which are:


1.       Mandatory lien-based assessments (monthly dues) are levied on each property owner in order to operate and maintain the property.


2.       Membership in the association is mandatory and automatic for all townhome owners.


3.       The Governing Documents bind each owner and the Association to one another through mandatory actions.


To the right, you will find the Covenants and the Bylaws (part of the Governing Documents) for Cooper Square Condominium Owner's Association.


The Covenants, among other things, spells out the elements of, and defines, ownership; establishes standards, restrictions and obligations in order to promote harmonious living; creates the framework for the operations and management of the association.


The Bylaws, generally, outline the responsibilities of the Members and how they (board-members, committee-members, owners) are to operate the Association.


As an owner, potential owner, or even a renter...please take some time to review the covenants and bylaws.  We’ve found that when a significant portion of the membership has an in-depth understanding of the association’s governing documents, it typically results in a better-operated, more successful association.