General Inquiries

Can you give me a quote over the phone?

Before we provide a quote for management services, we will visit the property to do an inspection of the physical condition of the community, amenities, landscaping etc.  

How do we switch management services?

Changing management companies is very simple. Once you have provided your current management company with a written request to terminate services, we will work with the outgoing management team to transfer funds, open new bank accounts etc.



What form of accounting do you do?

We maintain financial records on an “accrual cash basis” unless the board specifically requests a “cash” basis.

Will you file our taxes for the HOA? 

Yes, we have an accountant that specializes in HOA tax returns.

Does our association need to be audited every year?

Under most circumstances we recommend that the Association hires a CPA to perform either an audit, review or compilation each fiscal year.


How do you collect dues?

Our preferred method is via Appfolio, which allows for real-time updates to the homeowners account balance. We can support alternative forms of payment on a case-by-case basis. 

How do I get an Appfolio login?

Click on Owner Portal Login on the top navigation. and then click on create your password. Enter your email address and we will confirm access to your portal.

How do you handle homeowner or resident complaints?

Each complaint is taken seriously and is logged in our Monthly Manager’s Report.  We will meet with the homeowner/resident and take appropriate action to resolve the situation.

How can I access my communities covenants and bylaws?

All community documents are available for download on the community association website maintained by Rampart Management. This includes covenants, by-laws, rules and regulations, letters to residents, architectural requests forms etc.

How do you handle maintenance requests?    

Because we perform quarterly, in-depth, maintenance inspections, we are generally aware of what needs repairs/maintenance and how to prioritize any issues that we find. However, if an owner reports a problem, we will come to the property to assess the situation and determine appropriate actions to take.

How do you handle external requests from realtors and lendors?

Real estate agents, lenders and closing attorneys contact us all the time for assistance with condo questionnaires, certificates of insurance, repair requests and closing certifications and more. We do everything we can to return emails and phone calls by the end of the business day, and we always try to place proper priority on the needs of real estate/banking professionals to ensure sales and administrative needs are handled quickly.